Frequently Asked Questions

I’m sure you may have some questions about our products or services.  Hopefully they have been asked before. If so, you should find your answer here.  If not then do contact us.

Do I require an appointment to come and see you?

For drop off & collection of repairs an appointment is required. Please phone or email to book an appointment before arriving. For remote or telephone support feel free to contact us within office hours.

Do you offer a FREE quotation service?

Yes, we offer a free quotation service and also operate a No-Fix No Fee policy.  So it will cost you nothing to find out if it is worth repairing.

Do you only repair Laptops?

No, We repair all types of computers including desktops and Mac’s

Do you repair Apple Mac’s?

Yes, we repair all types of Apple devices subject to spares availability

Can you replace a broken screen?

Yes, we both stock, and have access to, all screen types. Alternatively you may wish to supply your own screen and we will be happy to fit it for you.

Do you repair Desktop computers as well as Laptops?

We repair all brands & models of PC and Laptop, including Apple products such as iMac’s and iPad’s subject to spares being available. We hold a large range of spares and what we do not have in stock we can get very quickly.

Is my data secure?

Yes. Firstly we do not access any of your data unless you have specifically asked us to do so, or that it is required due to the nature of the fault. No copies of data are made or retained unless instructed to do so. No data is ever deleted without your permission and we can backup and restore any data should we need to replace a hard drive for example.

Can my computer be repaired on-site?

It depends. We do offer a site visit service (subject to location) and do not charge a callout fee. Sometimes the repair is simple and can be done on-site. However, sometimes it is more complex or requires specialist equipment. In these cases we would take the unit to our workshop for repair and can return it to you when complete. It is also often much cheaper for the repair to be completed in our workshop as you are not paying for the engineers time on site. We offer both options so you can choose to suit your requiements.

Do you offer a fixed price repair?

Yes. We offer a fixed price repair. As we do not charge to inspect or provide quotation, when we have received your computer and diagnosed the problem, we will call you with a fixed price quotation that you can choose the accept or not. Some common repairs can be priced without inspection such a motherboard repairs, screen repalcements and power socket replacements.

How long will the repair take?

We can typically repair most things within 24-48 hours, subject to spares availability. We also offer an express service for an additional charge.

When do I have to pay you?

Payment is made when the repair is complete. You can either collect your machine in person or we will deliver it back to you. Payment MUST be made in FULL before your machine can be returned. Repairs that are not paid for, or not collected, within 3 months, maybe sold or recycled in order to recover our costs as per our terms and conditions.

Will you charge me if you cannot repair my computer?

No. We operate a NO-FIX NO-FEE policy. Therefore if either we cannot repair it or that it is uneconomical to do so there is no charge to you.

What happens if you cannot repair my computer?

Sometimes it is not economical to repair a computer. If we feel that the cost of repairing or replacing a faulty part or software on your computer is not money well spent, then we will tell you so. In these cases we can offer to transfer or backup your data to another device.