Keep an eye on your loved ones – people, premises AND possessions!

There was a time when the cost of a CCTV system could easily outweigh the value of the equipment it was protecting, and then the images weren’t good enough to identify any intruder or vandal.

But times have changed, and the new generation of detection systems provide you with touch-screen controls you can access, view and operate remotely from any computer, tablet or smartphone, anywhere in the world.

Cameras are small and discreet, and give pin-sharp quality images. They can operate on-demand, or be set to respond to movement detectors, or simply be programmed to run at the times you need them to.

Your premises and possessions can now be kept safe and sound, with you in control.

And at Nixuss, we’ll put together a quote for you, including all planning, installation, training and ongoing maintenance, so you can sleep soundly at night, knowing that all is secure.