Software / Virus Repairs

Whatever the cause, we have a cure to get your computer back to full fitness

There are times when our computers catch a cold or just misbehave.  Sometimes it is just the software that is installed on the machine that stops working correctly. Sometimes your computer may have been attacked by a malicious piece of software called a virus or malware.

Often through no fault of your own, your computer can lose its way and can no longer follow the path that the software intended.  Think of software as a set of instructions.  If for any reason the computer cannot read the instructions correctly – due to a hard disk error, or worse still some virus is giving it the ‘wrong’ instructions – then it will cause all sorts of unexpected results.

Fortunately, software problems very rarely damage your computer permanently.  They just need diagnosing and correcting so your computer follows the instructions in the right order again.

We can diagnose and repair all software configuration issues and viruses that your machine may catch in its lifetime. We have specialist tools which enable us to detect and remove all known viruses and malware to date.  We can also solve configuration issues or data corruption that result in your computer not behaving as you would like, often remotely, without you needing to move a muscle!

So give a call to discuss your problem on 01923 350255.