Motherboard Repairs

Motherboards are the main part of your computer and control how it works.

Because of their complexity, sometimes things go wrong and they fail. So when they fail, the whole computer can stop working.

Laptops are particularly vulnerable to overheating. Despite the name ‘laptop’ they are not actually designed to be used on your lap! They need free circulation of air from underneath them and when used on a soft surface such as your lap, on a cushion, or on your duvet, they can easily overheat.  Sometimes this can cause the solder (the stuff that holds components in place and provides the electrical connection) to soften or even melt.

When this happens, specialist equipment is needed to repair the damage caused.  Here at Nixuss we can repair this and other component failures to motherboards. 

And if for any reason it cannot be repaired, there is NO CHARGE, so you have nothing to lose by giving us a call.