Apple Mac Repairs

You love your Mac – even when it goes on the blink. But so do we!

Apple Macintosh. No doubt about it, they make great kit, and they are far less prone to faults or viruses than most PCs. Sleek in design, light to carry. Why wouldn’t you be proud to own one?

So when it does have a problem, it’s all the more worrying, and not all repairers understand the intricacies of the cream of computers. At Nixuss, though, we’re fully up to speed with all the latest models, so you can bring your Mac to us in complete confidence, and we’ll put it right.

And we’ll deal with your Mac issue even when it’s out of warranty, when many other dealers aren’t authorised to repair it.

As with all of our other services, we’ll inspect it and commit to a fixed repair cost.
And if you choose not to take up our offer, or if we can’t fix it, there’s nothing to pay.

For expert advice on all types of Macs, give us a call at Nixuss today.