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    Best thing about Nixuss is that they don't charge to take a look. Last company I used charged me £30 to tell me it was not repairable. Not Nixuss! And the best bit? It was repairable after all. I should have gone to them in the first place!

    S Dee 18th July 2015

    I thought my iPad was beyond repair, but amazingly they got it sorted and as good as new!

    B Patrick 18th July 2015

    We now use Nixuss often, having the misfortune of spilling wine on our laptop, and then recently damaging the power socket. They repaired the machine quickly, and we are back on track. Thanks Guys you’re a life saver.

    Marc H 18th July 2015

    Great customer service, really kept me up to date with what was going on. I was beginning to think my laptop was beyond repair when taking it to other IT places but Nixuss sure enough resolved all the problems my laptop was having! Couldn't recommend them enough!

    Graham P 18th July 2015

    I took my laptop to them and they did a great job of repairing it. It was repaired quickly and at a very good price. Great people to do business with.

    Alan H 18th July 2015

    They have looked after my company server for a while now and are always responsive when I need help. I could not recommend them enough.

    John N 18th July 2015

    We were recommended to use this business when we had some issues. We contacted Nixuss and they were very understanding, helpful and prompt with dealing with our requirements. Matthew at Nixuss was only too happy to talk us through everything during the first consultation, this services has continued throughout using this company and will recommend them to any business who is having a computer, telecommunication issue. Excellent all round service given, Thank you Nixuss.

    Caroline W 18th July 2015

    New hard drive neded. No problem. Fixed with old information on discs. Picture unstable. A quick visit no charge. Fixed.

    Dom M 18th July 2015

    My internet was not working, but within a couple of minutes it was all back up working. Great! Excellent Service!

    Valerie H 18th July 2015

    Being a family of computer dunces, we have found the help and assistance given to us by the guys at Nixuss Ltd fantastic. We have used companies in the past but have never found a local cmpany who have been able to offer us the care and attention we have needed to keep our 3 laptops and 1 PC up and running. Most importantly we were never once told that the computers we have were no good or too old and couldn't be repaired. So many times in the past we have been told by companies to just buy a new one. Nixuss have been able to repair and bring back to life the computers that we use consatantly and at not too great a cost. An invaluable service in our books. Thank you to all at Nixuss.

    Richard W 18th July 2015

    The patient, unhurried way they explain things in simple language and their attention to detail.

    Keith A 18th July 2015

    Ian and co have always provided an excellent service to us and we know who to call when any of our computers go pop!

    Monkey Puzzle Day Nurseries 18th July 2015

    What I love about this business, and especially Ian and Matthew, that there is nothing too small or too large for them to do. They will always go that extra mile to help. I think they are brill!!

    Heulwen S 18th July 2015

    Nixuss are brilliant, they give great advice to help you make unbiast decisions about computor equipent and are awesome at fixing the old and most antiquaited of laptops right through to the most modern. Some of the larger computor stores could take a leaf out of the Nixuss Customer Care service manual and it would transform their organisations. They are brilliant in everyway......

    Bruce W 18th July 2015

    A great Business. Always quick to respond and sort the problem out.

    Janet S 18th July 2015

    Their easy and confident ability to explain "techie issues" in plain english so that even an idiot can understand the problem. This is then followed up, again in plain english, with solutions to your problem. Finally they do not just recommend the most expensive solution but the one best for you. A truly great business ethic which encourages you to return as you are treated as being a long term client even on your first visit.

    Neil C 18th July 2015

    Ian and Matthew have provided us with fantastic and valuable IT support over the past year or so. Their knowledge and service has proved to be better value for money than many other firms.

    James D 18th July 2015

    Great service. Always quick to respond and solve your problem. I've already recommended them to several friends.

    Roger S 18th July 2015

    Ian and Matthew work hard to help us with our computer problems. They have even been able to sort out something using their computer to look at mine - too clever for me! They are courteous and pleasant; nothing is too much trouble.

    Mavis T 18th July 2015

    So friendly,you know you can get all the help you need whether your computer has a huge problem or just a minor hiccup, they are there ready to get you up & running again.

    Marion L 18th July 2015

    Brilliant support from Nixuss. So nice to deal with genuine helpful people.

    Steve G 18th July 2015

    They are very obliging and offer a very quick repair service as they are aware how important our computers are to us.

    Brenda B 18th July 2015

    Nixuss are so very customer focused. Both Ian and Matthew work to ensure that their clients needs are fully taken care of and the same is true for all their staff. They are friendly and helpful and look for ways to resolve customers problems and desires.

    Michael J W M 18th July 2015

    Nixuss did a magnificent job in resolving the problems with my computer. No trouble was great enough to find a resolution and the cost was very reasonable. Well done Dave Ian and all others at Nixus

    Mark M 18th July 2015

    Amazingly helpful at a very difficult moment. Two other companies said they were too busy to look at my computer but Nixuss dropped everything to help. Any problems and I will return to them.

    Barry B 18th July 2015

    We use Nixuss because they give very good unbiased advice and a service second to none at very reasonable rates. Thanks.

    Richard M 18th July 2015

    I found nixuss to be a professional and helpful service and I have used them now on several ocassions. I would not go anywhere else now.

    Carol C 18th July 2015

    Lost my Laptop and needed a replacement urgently. While they did not have the model I wanted in stock, they ordered it from their warehouse at 5:30pm and amazingly it was with them by 09:30 the next morning. Super service!

    Richard H 18th July 2015

    I've found that Nixuss are fairly unique in that if they say they'll call, they do. If they can repair your computer they do, with minimum fuss and cost, and you as the customer is made fully aware of the cost before they start. Everytime I have had a problem, it is sorted out promptly and without fuss or delay. In my mind they are what all business should aspire to.

    David B 18th July 2015

    Brilliant, friendly service. Very knowledgeable and always willing to help.
    Quick service with great value.

    Calum C 18th July 2015

    After the children smashed my laptop screen, nixuss made it as good as new.

    Jean S 18th July 2015

    The guys there are very helpful with any computer problem, be it small or larger. As a woman, I appreciate any expert who does not treat me like an idiot and these guys certainly do not do that. Their fees are very reasonable and their service is quick. I live in walking distance of their shop, but it must really help others to have free parking right beside the shop.

    Catherine C 18th July 2015

    FAB......friendly service. Great value for money...... Nothing too much trouble.....Managed to inject life into my 2 old computers.....Would highly recommend......Always support the local business man....Great asset for the local community..... They we're very happy to support our local residents association Christmas lunch and donated a very generous gift for the raffle,......

    Collete D 18th July 2015

    They are extremely helpful and efficient, very reasonably priced, even to the extent of giving free advice over the phone. I have used their expertise several times for problems with my elderly PC and they avoid "computerspeak" and explain what is (or isn't) happening, so that the uninitiated understand. Better yet, their business is practically "round the corner" and if they can't fix a problem, they don't charge!
    I have an Apple PC and have twice in the past have called in expensive "experts" to upgrade and fix problems. Neither of them tried to explain anything, despite being asked to - one even continually checking his watch as I was apparently keeping him from a barbeque!

    Carol B 18th July 2015

    I thought that my laptop was finished and that i'd have to get a new one.
    I took it into Nexuss and they said they would look at it to see if it could be repaired. They were very prompt to get back to me and advised me that it could be fixed, giving me a quote, which if I excepted, they would go ahead.
    The quote was very good for what needed doing to it, so I agreed to them repairing it.

    Trevor D 18th July 2015

    I popped in to Nixuss today - just for some advice. They were friendly and hepful and didn't make me feel like the computer illiterate person that I know I am !!! I will be going back to use their service very soon.

    Sally P 18th July 2015

    A very efficient vast and friendly service great chaps nothing too much trouble. Can highly recommend them.

    Michael D 18th July 2015

    They checked my laptop and cleared it completely now it runs good as new

    Nicholas M 18th July 2015

    This company is excellent. Great guys. Matthew is very helpful and always willing to go out of his way to ensure you are happy with the service received.

    Sharon O 18th July 2015

    Great helpful staff! Fixed my problems several times, won't be going anywhere else for help now I've found Nixuss!

    Carol C 18th July 2015

    They are both the most helpful guys in respect of helping a partially computer illiterate person through the minefield that is computer viruses. They provide a friendly and excellent service at a clear cost. They have the machine ready when they say it will be, so no going backwards and forwards with telephone calls etc.

    Amanda F 18th July 2015

    Nixuss is the best! And the best businesses are the ones with human beings who listen, don't make false promises through wrong assumptions, and don't charge if solutions can't be found. So what to they do? Give top rate customer service. Ian and Matthew seem to be able to perform miracles. If the computer business had a 'tin', Nixuss certainly does what it says! Now that I have used the Nixuss service a few times I wouldn't dream of going anywhere else for IT problems.

    Jane B 18th July 2015

    It gets dopes like me out of computers holes.It does so with good humour and best of all no fix no pay.The attitude of the people creates calm and reduces the likelyhood of heart failure when your computer has pushed you to the verge of suicide.

    Patrick B 18th July 2015

    Staff are very friendly and professional, nothing was to much trouble and the prices are very good.Also loads of free advice. Excellent service all round 10/10

    John H 18th July 2015

    I recently purchased a new computer from them, the price was exactly as stated ,no hidden extras, the service was excellent and I even had a call from them to ensure everything was working OK,my son had his laptop repaired by them also and has been very satisfied with the repair. I have been happy to recommend them to my friends.

    John L 18th July 2015

    watfordvans.com runs several PCs on a network that has been a constant source of frustration. We have been ploughing money and man hours in to IT for years with more than a few different companies without a satisfactory outcome. At last!! We have found a company that knows exactly what needs to be done and does it quickly and efficiently. We can't run our business without computers so I can honestly say that finding Nixuss has been a massive boost for my company.

    Curtis T WatfordVans.com 18th July 2015

    Great staff and great help with my laptop repair. When I had a new hip replaced last year I rang them explained I was unable to bring my laptop in for repair - no trouble they came out within an hour, took my laptop away and 2 days later they brought it back all repaired at no extra charge for picking up or returning it to me. Great team!

    Ita J 18th July 2015

    Each time I have visited them for help (and telephoned) they have been so helpful and kind especially as I do not understand a lot about computers. Nothing is too much trouble and the costs are not high. They deserve to win this competition.

    Mavis T 18th July 2015

    The business is owned and operated by people who genuinely love what they do. They have a real interest in making customers feel valued by offering a long term partnership approach and cover a number of important communication areas such as computers - hardware - software - networks, communications - telephones - emails - internet. Infact everything we now need to do business and stay in touch with our clients, friends and family. I would not hesitate to recommend this company.

    Ken C 18th July 2015

    Just a note to say Thanks, it may just be me but it seems like I'm working on a new laptop. You have done a great job and you can be sure that I will be passing the NIXUSS name on to any of my friends who come across any problems with their computers.

    Steve R 17th July 2015

    I took my very old second hand laptop to Nixuss and they never conned me into anything, gave me free advice. I am a complete novice with anything technical so they could have sorted the old one out and told me anything and I would have believed them. I was given free advice on what type of computer/laptop would suit my needs, and off |I went to Argos & picked up a cheapie, which was perfect for my needs. When |I told them, I was told they would link it to the free printer that was part of the deal, and load all the " stuff" on it for me, and this was done quickly, for only £35. What a bargain... well worth it, as it would have taken me ages, and even then I may not have done it right. When I had a couple of queries afterwards, just a phone call away was cheerful and free advice again..what lovely people. Gold stars all round. I will recommend and use you again.

    Sue B 17th July 2015