Laptop Power Socket Repairs

You’ve got the power to restore your power socket – just give us a call!

Imagine what it must be like to be a power socket.  There are so many stresses and strains placed on them, often by mistreatment, trying to use the wrong charger or by the charger cable being tripped over or wrenched out of the socket.

All these things can cause damage to the socket.  And if it does manage to survive this abuse, then normal wear and tear can cause it to break or become unreliable.  After hundreds or perhaps thousands of plugins and removals of the charger the pins break and even the socket itself can become detached from the circuit board.

If you need a new charger, we supply universal or original chargers at an exceptional good rate.  And be warned – cheap ‘ebay’ offerings often do more damage than good and can even be a fire hazard!

If in any doubt, just call and we’ll be happy to give you some free advice.